Camperships: Financial Assistance

Full scholarships still available for 2019

NWABR is committed to never denying a child participation because of an inability to pay. This philosophy is accomplished by making fees affordable to the majority of participants and by making financial assistance available to those when the fees is not affordable and reducing any barriers they might have. The financial assistance program is made possible by generous donors who give during our annual fundraising event(s) or through other channels. Applicants may contact the Executive Director if they feel that NWABR is not keeping its commitment to never deny a child participation because of an inability to pay.

NWABR Camp BIOmed Program fee:

The cost of Camp BIOmed is $695 (may be discounted depending if student registers with the early bird discount or if his/her parent works at an NWABR member Institution). NWABR may provide assistance of up to 100% tuition for the program, also assist in any barrier* they might have. 

* Barriers include transportation, meals, lab coats etc. 

Steps for applying for financial assistance for Summer Camp BIOmed programs:

1. Secure a spot for yourself. 

2. Please complete the financial assistance form and email it to us at or send by mail (address below).

Please understand, it is essential to fill this form to be considered for financial assistance.The form can be filled online, over the phone or mailed to the address below.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR)

2633 Eastlake Ave. East , Suite 302

Seattle, WA.98102

We would like to make registration process as simple as possible. Please do not hesitate to call us for any question or help.

Financial assistance notifications will generally occur within a couple of days of the submitted application. 

Donors, click here to help send a student to our camp.



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