2019 Joint IACUC and IBC Conference

 IACUC and IBC - Better Together

In 2016 NWABR hosted its annual IACUC conference in conjunction with the annual PRIM&R IACUC conference.  This partnered approach made it viable for PRIM&R to get to the Seattle region and for NWABR to draw on national level speakers who were already attending the PRIM&R event.

In 2019 PRIM&R will be back in the region with their conference being held at the Bellevue Hyatt on April 2 and 3, 2019 (and PRIM&R will also have some preconference activities occurring on April 1, 2019). 

NWABR will hosts its annual IACUC conference at the same venue on April 4, 2019 and to take advantage of the speakers and interest NWABR will also hosts its annual IBC conference on the same day.  The IACUC and IBC conference venues for the NWABR conferences will be side by side and attendees will be able to freely move between the two venues.  Some of the plenary sessions will also be specifically designed for both IACUC and IBC audiences in line with the theme of this joint event - Better Together.

The last leg of this marathon research week will be Bridging the Gap educational session hosted by the University of Washington and other Northwest research partners.  A small group of conference attendees will be shuttled from Bellevue to the University of Washington and other possible venues for an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the day to day work of these institutional animal care and biosafety program.

The full program for these two conferences is being developed and will be published during December 2018.  Registration for the conferences will also open at this time.  

Please note: registration for these conferences will be managed through the PRIM&R registration site.  Registration through PRIM&R will allow attendees to access discounts for being a staff member of an NWABR member organization, discounts for signing up for both the PRIM&R and NWABR conferences, and further discounts for larger group registrations (ten or more people).

If you wish more information about these important regional conferences, NWABR and/or NWABR membership then please contact, Ken Gordon on (206) 957-3337 or via email executivedirector@nwabr.org.  There will also be significant vendor opportunities at these events and prospective vendors can also contact Mr. Gordon. 



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