Camp LITE 2021

Due to risks from COVID-19, NWABR has made the heart breaking decision to cancel Camp BIOmed this summer. We cannot offer Camp BIOmed in an educationally sound and engaging manner and at the same time guarantee a risk free environment for students and educators.

Never fear, Camp Lite is here!

Registration opens March 1 2021

Students and parents are desperate for high quality, engaging educational opportunities, particularly in the sciences. To help fill the void, this summer NWABR will offer Camp LITE. Camp LITE is a virtual program with biomedical content for high school students across the nation. It is a week-long offering that repeats for 3 weeks total, with different curriculum every day, five days a week. 

The schedule and fees for the program will be posted on the website by February 16 2021.

For reference, Click here for detailed schedule from 2020.  

Camp Lite Components

  • Virtual
  • Format will include demonstrations, faciliated discussions and lectures all inspired by the original camp curricula
  • Weekly Guest Speakers from throughout the biomedical community will add their own flair and inspiration for careers
  • Office Hours are one-on-one sessions with Faculty and Guest Speakers; will satisfy deeper conversations allowing students to explore their own career and education pathways

For more information please contact Mansi Kaushik, Camp Manager, at or 425-786-8138 , 206-957-3337.

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