Our Key Programs


Explore the full range of educational resources available at the Education portion of our site.


  • Speakers' Bureau -
    A statewide program funded by the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Over 150 speakers are available on topics ranging from AIDS research to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain. Speakers can tailor their presentations to a wide range of audiences including: service clubs, businesses, religious groups, educational institutions, health care and voluntary health organizations.
  • Essay, Poster, and Video Contest for Middle School -
    NWABR offers 'Biomedical Breakthroughs and my Life', an contest for middle school students that helps raise awareness of impact of research on their lives. The contest features awards totaling more than $1,000. Winners are invited to visit to a local research institution.
  • Student Bio Expo -
    The Student Bio Expo is a unique science fair that engages over 300 high school students in creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of biotechnology and biomedicine, and supports their access to resources in the scientific community.
  • Camp BIOmed: a science summer camp for high school students with three unique themes.


For a full description of our member services, please visit the Benefits and Services portion of our site, or contact us. Some of the services NWABR provides for the research community include: From bench to bedside NWABR connects investigators, regulatory officials and compliance professionals with each other and experts from local and national agencies to promote safe, ethical research benefiting humans and animals.


  • Regional Education Conference brings together Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) staff, administrators, veterinarians and lab technicians to review and discuss IACUC responsibilities, regulations and insights into issues related to research with animals.
  • Read more about our upcoming IACUC Conference

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Conference

  • Regional Conference equips institutional review boards (IRBs) and compliance officials with the tools necessary to protect the safety and dignity of individuals participating in research studies and clinical trials.
  • Read more about our upcoming IRB Conference.


  • Regional Conference equips institutional biosafety committees (IBCs) and compliance officials with the tools necessary to protect research staff and the wider community through the proper control and containment of research materials.  
  • Read more about our IBC Conference.

SECURITY and crisis communications conference (SCC) CONFERENCE

  • Regional Conference equips security and communication staff in research institutions to prepare for and mitigate the consequences of significant events.  Past conferences have considered natural disasters, physical and cyber security, screening of staff and volunteers, rebuilding after an event and managing public perceptions.  This is a key conference for those who wish to be better prepared.  
  • Read more about our SCC Conference.

Here to Help 

  • In addition to the range of Research and other conferences NWABR is also here to support its members.  Members receive significant conference discounts, invitations to networking events, consulting support and counsel.  Members can also propose new ideas and suggestions that can support new program development.
  • Most importantly NWABR is a network.  The people and organizations most able to support initiatives in the biomedical research field are the other people and organizations in the field.  By working to build this network NWABR bolsters the overall capacity of biomedical research in the Northwest.
  • Read more about our member benefits NWABR Membership.
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