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2017 Essay, Poster and video winners

The results of biomedical science impact us all! They help us determine which treatments, drugs, and devices will be used in medical therapies, they help us explain the basic principles of human biology, and they change and improve lives. Research paves the way for lifesaving treatments and cures that keep individuals and our community healthy. Any person or animal who has been treated by a physician or veterinarian has received the benefits of biomedical research! 

Showcase your creativity! NWABR's Middle School Contest asks 6th-8th grade students to examime a medical therapy or treatment that a loved one, pet, or they themselves have received. Then, students choose a theme (Animal Research Saves Lives, Animal Research Helping Animals, or Advancements in Medical Biotechnology) and create an essay, poster, or video highlighting their findings.

ELIGIBILITY: Any 6th-8th grader in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho is encouraged to enter!  If your school class doesn't participate, Register Individually Here!

CATEGORIES: Students falling in any three categories (General , English Language Leaner(ELL) or Indigenous) can focus on any of the themes (Animal Research Saves Lives, Animal Research Helping Animals, or Advancements in Medical Biotechnology) 

Essay: Compose a 400-650 word essay. 

Poster: Design an original artwork poster. 

Video: Create a short youtube video. 

View "Contest Overview" for more details.

Entries must be submitted by March 4th, 2017!

Students dig deep into the history of the treatment they have chosen and to uncover the research process that created it. By connecting a personal medical treatment with life science research, students explore their society in a broader context and discover for themselves the power of scientific research to impact us everyday. In short, the Middle School Contest is a powerful teaching tool that provides students an opportunity to examine the profound intersection of science and their own world!

Contact NWABR at education@nwabr.org to let us know of your intent to participate. 

For Middle School Teachers

Thank you for bringing this opportunity to your students. This year, a group of experienced NWABR middle school teachers have volunteered to mentor new teachers.  To request a mentor, contact NWABR at education@nwabr.org.

We are recruiting judges for the 2017 Middle School Contest! Please complete this survey to become a judge.

Thanks to the generosity of the Knossos Foundation, we are pleased to continue our "Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life" Middle School Contest in 2017! Want to become a Middle School Contest Sponsor or Donate? Contact NWABR, at education@nwabr.org or 206-957-3337!



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